Founding Members

Charles E. Barnardlip Egan
Robert L. French
Rodney Gage
Charles Nichols
Louis Stone
Albro Travis

Chapter History

The first official meeting of the Columbia SAR Chapter was held on February 17, 1971 at Kozel’s Restaurant in Ghent, Columbia County, NY.No records can be found about that organizational meeting but these seven members wrote and voted on the new Chapter’s By-laws. Mr. Gage and Mr. Nichols are still active members. We continue to look for any information or pictures from the first years of the Chapter.
On November 9, 2005, our Chapter was renamed to Columbia-Mid Hudson Valley SAR Chapter as to include all four counties: Columbia, Dutchess, Greene and Ulster. Our Chapter has grown in 2001 from 32 members to over 50 members in February 2010; seven of the members live out of area/state.In addition, there are 7 to 10 future Chapter members working on applications into the Sons of the American Revolution.

Past Presidents

2012 Rodney S. Andrews
2011 Rodney S. Andrews
2010 Rodney S. Andrews
2009 Rodney S. Andrews
2008 Rodney S. Andrews
2007 Rodney S. Andrews
2006 Rodney S. Andrews
2005 John Helmeyer
2004 John Helmeyer
2003 John Helmeyer
2002 Paul Haynes
2001 Paul Haynes
2000 Herman W. Witthoft
1999 Herman W. Witthoft
1998 Henry W. Croteau, Jr.
1997 Henry W. Croteau, Jr.
1996 Henry W. Croteau, Jr.
1995 Richard L. Wambach
1994 Richard L. Wambach
1993 Richard L. Wambach
1992 Louis F. Wambach, Jr.
1991 Louis F. Wambach, Jr.
1990 Lloyd Loop, Jr.
1989 Lloyd Loop, Jr.
1988 Lloyd Loop, Jr.
1987 Warren W. Rockefeller
1986 Warren W. Rockefeller
1985 Warren W. Rockefeller1984 Charles Beebe1983 Albro Travis
1982 Albro Travis1981 Robert French
1980 Robert French
1979 Robert French1978 Ross Funk1977 Robert French
1976 Bernard Weaver
1975 Bernard Weaver
1974 Louis S. Stone
1973 Rodney Gage
1972 Charles Nichols
1971 C. Wiley Eagaan
1970 Charles B. Benson